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Kraftinn Starnet Large Tripod Lamp - Teak Brown

Kraftinn Starnet Large Tripod Lamp - Teak Brown

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This Tripod Floor Lamp makes the perfect addition to contemporary decor of your home. Finely handcrafted bamboo shades create decorative warm accent lighting. This floor lamp is perfect for your drawing room, studio or siting area with a simple yet classy layout. High on utility and efficiency, these designer lamps will illuminate your table space in the most modern and stylish way. The strong and sturdy make of these lamps will render you a lasting use. The Lamp Shades are made with Bamboo Nets. The floor lamp has a sturdy wooden base. The electrical fixtures will be accompanied with the lamp. Bulbs do not accompany the product. You can also send Kraftinn lamps as gifts to your loved ones. This gift is perfect for your best friend, co-worker, mom, dad, wife, husband, and good old granny. All Kraftinn lamps are designed and manufactured keeping the customer point of in mind. Over the years, our products were refined after listening to our customer's voices. Kraftinn products are made to look beautiful, last longer with strong and sturdy design. The accent lighting can be made to lift your moods up or showing off to your friends. You can also use smart bulbs with this lamp to suit any mood. International standard electrical wires are provided for safer use. Our lamps are expertly packed and double wrapped in order to avoid any damage during shipping. We use a thick layer of cardboard to avoid any external impact to the lamps during transit. Be secure in your purchase - your lamps will get to you or your loved one in pristine condition! Send it straight to your loved ones with no worries. Our philosophy is simple: you deserve to be surrounded by items as beautiful and dynamic as you. Don't waste your hard-earned money on cheap disposable things when you can invest in elegant pieces that you will be proud to show off to your friends and family. In today's life full of stress you need to indulge with your hobbies under this beautiful lamps after coming home from work

Tripod Height: 34 inches.

Shade Dimensions: Height: 10 inches Diameter: 11 inches.

Total Height: 44 inches

Care information

— Let the product breathe: Unpack the product(s) as soon as
you receive them. Make sure they are not kept packed for more than 24 hours.

— Regular Cleaning: Keep your product(s) clean and dry with
regular dusting with a soft and dry cloth or brush. This is vital for the longevity of the products(s) and keeping unwanted guests like molds etc. away. For something a little stickier, wipe clean gently with a damp soft cloth and dry in the sun.

—Owing to the material's natural characteristics, it is
recommended to not soak in water or use abrasive substances. Though our
products have been treated and processed to prevent damage caused due to termite, fungus and other environmental factors, prolonged exposure to water or humidity becomes an open invitation to undesired microbes, decreasing the life
of the product(s).

— A little care is your way of helping in reducing plastic
pollution and giving a greener earth to coming generations.

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