3 best bamboo lighting solutions you must try.

3 best bamboo lighting solutions you must try.

Lighting to interior design is like ornaments to a woman. It is the one element that brings out the best of the interior design efforts and sets the room's look, feel and overall ambience. The lighting setup can enhance the size and structure of the rooms. The room's design intensifies when the right amount and type of artificial lighting solution is added to incoming natural light. Choosing the perfect light solution seems interesting, but it takes work. 

It would be best if you considered many things before choosing the lighting source for your room. We have listed a few of them here - 

  • Size of the room - Space and size play an important room. You can make the room feel larger with proper lighting if the room is small. For a larger room, you need to consider various types of lighting sources like accent and task lighting. Light has the power to manipulate and let you alter your room's size, space and structure virtually. 
  • Type and amount of natural sunlight - The way through which space the natural light enters and the amount of light also play a major role in choosing the lighting sources. In most cases, it will be windows through which the natural lights enter the rooms. You need to check the direction and size of the windows. If the window is on the east side, you will get  ample natural light in the morning, so you need artificial lights that will complement the light needs in the evening and night. 
  • Type of house: The type and space around your home also play a major role in selecting lighting decor. Because the lighting needs of apartments, condos, commercial buildings or independent villas differ, planning needs to be done accordingly. 
  • Purpose of the room - The purpose and usability of the room matter. For example, if it is a study room, the bright lights do the job. You can use a warm lighting solution if it is a bedroom. 
  • Mood of the room - The purpose and mood of the room should complement each other. For example, if you want the feel of the room to be warmer, go for hanging lights with reddish or yellowish bulbs. If you wish for your office room to be energetic, have multiple task lights and top lights. 

3 best bamboo lighting solutions you must try.

1) Floor light -

Floor lights can easily fit into every room or commercial space. It has high aesthetic and functional value that can easily brighten up and add a mood to the room. Bamboo floor lights complement various decor themes like traditional, modern and contemporary.  

While they occupy a minimal space, they bring in a prominent style quotient that lifts up the room's decor theme and overall mood. You can use contemporary bamboo floor lamps to illuminate dim corners. Corner-hugging floor lamps are great for illuminating spaces that already have ceiling lighting (such as pendants, chandeliers, etc.) or if you want to keep clutter out of high-traffic areas. You use floor lamps to accentuate architectural details, accent chairs, or a coffee table. 

2) Pendent lights  -

Pendant lights are mostly preferred when the decor is based on contemporary themes. Pendant lights are more of a modern upgradation of chandeliers and are lighter, sleeker and take lesser space than traditional chandeliers. Pendant lights are primarily used over kitchen countertops, home bars, dinette setups, bathrooms, entryways, etc. 

Though a pendant is recommended to be hung between 70 and 80 centimetres above a table, you can alter them depending on the size of the fixture, the ceiling height, and personal preference,  and hang them a little higher or lower. Address whether or not the fixture is to add aesthetic value or ambient light (or both) and select a fixture which meets the lighting needs of the location to be hung. Our pendant light collections have high aesthetic value and can complement the contemporary, industrial, rustic, and modern look and feel of the space. 

3) Table lamps -

Table lamps are an integral part of the study and workspace. Along with a comfortable study table, study chair and table organisers, table lamps make the space more cosy, comfortable, convenient, and well-lit to work and study. Table lights can be used at the bedside or on a corner table in the living room.

Table lamps placed atop a corner table add depth, character and visual appeal to your entire room.  Table lamps come in a variety of hues, and the lighting they provide for our spaces determines the overall vibe. Therefore adding a table light to your spaces that are super functional, yet brings in decorative value will be a wise move!

Check out our collection of table lamps, we have detailed our table lamp with high elegance that adds beauty and luxury to the space and adds ample lighting to your space.

Wrapping up

In many cases, while deciding the home interiors, lighting is given the least weightage and is underrated. But on the contrary, lighting is the most important component of interior decor and should always be given careful attention. 

While selecting the decor theme and lighting solutions, you need to consider all the necessary points mentioned in the article and choose the best lighting source that makes your space more beautiful and elegant. 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other accessories that are carefully curated to add sustainability and beauty to your space.

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