Lighten up your house with the best pendant lights online

Pendant lights are one of the most preferred and incredible ways to add a style element to your contemporary home theme. It gives a modern look as it is super sleek, takes up less space and offers a fresh look unlike any other ceiling hanging lights. 

Woody Grass bamboo collection features options for every kind of home and commercial space aesthetic, including contemporary, industrial, rustic, and more. Be it a house, restaurant, bar, office or any other commercial space; our stunning pendant light collections will help brighten up and add classiness to the spaces.

Check out our range of bamboo pendant lights that come in varying sizes and designs, which can be the best lighting solution and a solid style quotient to your decor. 

You can check our collection of bamboo products and choose the best style that complements your home decor. At Woody Grass, we believe in providing our customers with the best high-quality, sustainable alternatives at the best price, so you can find a bamboo product that fits your budget and theme.

Choose from the best options available in pendant lighting lamps

Two main components you need to consider while buying pendant lights are maintaining the room's visual balance and lighting balance. Other things to consider while choosing pendant lights include the ceiling and the room's height, colour and size and the amount of lighting you need from them. 

Along with functionality, pendant lights also make a fascinating decor piece; you need to choose ones that complement your entire interior decor theme. And additionally, pendant lights can be used to distinguish or highlight different areas within a room. For example, you can add pendant lighting above the bar setup to highlight and focus the bar space in your dining room. Similarly, pendant lights will add an intriguing character to the space above staircases, picture walls, kitchen area, and bedroom.

Woody Grass’s collection of pendant lights comes in various shapes and sizes; you need to select a light that blends well with your interiors, fits the size of the room and has the required functionality.

Which is best: Pendant lights or Chandeliers?

The significant difference between a chandelier and a pendant light is that - in a chandelier, light is suspended from the ceiling with multiple light bulbs incorporated into the single fixture, but a pendant light is a light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling with only a single light bulb incorporated into its fixture. Both have their own features of functionality and elements of style. Considering them, you can choose pendant lights or chandeliers that will fit into your decor theme.


Where should I place pendant lamps for the best decor?

Our bamboo pendant lights with unique designs can be placed anywhere in the house and in a commercial space, depending upon their style and design. You can use it on your countertop, over a centre table in the living room, in a hallway, over the stairwell, above the kitchen island, on the sides of the bed, over the bathroom mirrors, or at the reading corners.

Is there any warrant on pendant lights?