Collection: FLOOR LAMPS

Enhance your interior decor with amazing Floor Lamps

The most exciting part of designing the interior of any space is adding life to the gloomy and boring corners. Floor lamps are the best way to add life to the corners as they illuminate the room and turn the dark and dull corners into the most enthralling part of your room. Floor lamps add a healthy dose of character to the room and set the mood accordingly. 

Moreover, you can use floor lamps to grab attention to your wall decor under the spotlight, put aside your favourite accent chair and use it for additional lighting while doing your hobby or work, or simply let it stand by a bookshelf to be a style statement by itself. Though floor lamps have function as their principal feature, they complement your decor theme by adding an understated elegance. 

Check out our range of bamboo floor lamps that come in varying sizes and designs, which can be the best lighting solution and a solid style quotient to your decor. 

You can check our collection of bamboo products and choose the best style that complements your home decor. At Woody Grass, we believe in providing our customers with the best high-quality, sustainable alternatives at the best price, so you can find a bamboo product that fits your budget and theme.

What is the price of a floor lamp?

Woody Grass has a collection of floor lamps in the price range of 1700 - 6500 INR that come in various sizes, heights, shapes and designs. 

Why Woody Grass for Floor Lamps Online in India?

Woody Grass aims to build a future driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices. To achieve our aim, we collaborated with the best bamboo farms and experienced bamboo artisans and manufacturers across India to provide you with the best bamboo products. We make things easier for you to explore the latest collection of bamboo armchairs at the best price under a single platform. Explore the bamboo floor lamps, buy the best one that will compliment your home decor and experience our trustworthy customer service. 


What will be the height of the floor lamp?

When buying floor lamps, height is an essential factor to consider. If you use the light to perform work or hobby, you don’t want direct light at your eye level in a bedroom, or if you are using it to illuminate and add light to any art or decor, it needs to match the height of them. We have floor lamps from the height of 28 inches to 48 inches in various designs.  

What are the different shades available in Floor lamps?

Our premium collection of floor lamps comes in two prominent shades - Natural Brown and Teak Brown.