Collection: TABLE LAMPS

Buy the best table lamps online at the best price in India

Is your work or study station equipped with only an overhead or tube light at the other end? If this is the scenario, you might eventually notice that your eyes start to itch and irritate after long work hours. Installing a suitable table lamp in your workspace or study area can resolve this issue.

A table lamp is designed to offer adequate light to your workspace to avoid any eye strain and the symptoms that accompany it. A good table lamp can raise your spirits and increase your output.

In addition to their functionality, table lamps add a touch of elegance and style to your workspace. Woody Grass has a wide range of table lamps that are trendy, simple, and sophisticated. Our collection also comes in a variety of shapes, styles and colours. Pick the exclusive table lamps that compliment the overall decor of your room from our website and style up your room today. 

You can check our collection of bamboo products and choose the best style that complements your home decor. At Woody Grass, we believe in providing our customers with the best high-quality, sustainable alternatives at the best price, so you can find a bamboo product that fits your budget and theme.

Types of table lamps available at Woody Grass

Woody grass has a vast collection of table lamps that come with various unique shade designs, shapes and colours. Our exclusive collection is the hollow table lamps that are made from tall bamboo stems with CNC cut motifs in patterns of polka dots, star pattern, leaf pattern, and heart shape that create beautiful light patterns when switched on. Decorative starnet bamboo table lamp collections are also one of our fast-sellers. Our premium table lamp product is the KraftInn Estelle table lamp, made from the finest bamboo nets based on the traditional saloni (sieve) design. The light spreads through the bamboo nets, providing a calm and eclectic ambience. Do check them on our website.

Benefits of buying table lamps

  • When placed on the table in the workspace, the table lamp brings in ample light needed to work without strain. It also adds a vibe to the space, bringing in the calmness that helps improve productivity. 
  • Table lamp illuminates the light in a particular focus area, which benefits people working, reading or studying at odd hours without disturbing others. 
  • Table lamps add so much aesthetic to the rooms and help define the overall mood of the space.


What Is The Ideal Spot To Place A Table Lamp?

The table lamp's placement must never be in your line of vision. Place the blub/light above your head and direct it (down) onto your desk. Place the lamp in the area that is opposite from where you are working on the table to avoid casting shadows. The desk lamp should be placed to the right for left-handed people to prevent shadows while writing. 

Are Table Lamps Energy Efficient?