Who. What. Why.


We at Woody Grass are a bunch of planet loving, environmentally conscious individuals who have collaborated to create this platform with the dream of building a future that is driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices. Through this platform we aim to not just bring you a new line of bamboo based products, but offer a new way to consume without damaging the planet and thereby doing your bit to secure a better future for your children as they grow up.


We are people with a mind full of alternatives. Alternatives that can help you indulge without guilt. Alternatives that are designed to make a difference to our future generations, to our planet, towards social inequality, to the ever increasing garbage landfills, to the poor quality of air we breathe, to the dying rural crafts and what have you.

This search for a greener alternative that is sustainable and versatile led to the birth of Woody Grass.


We believe in slow and alternative consumerism. Let’s be honest - fast consumption or use-&-throw consumerism is not helping any of us build better character, leave alone a better planet. Various studies indicate how these indiscriminate consumption patterns are depleting the earth of all its oxygen, groundwater, minerals, crops etc. It has become obvious that if corrective measures are not taken soon, the coming decades will find us all struggling for stable climates, good food or breathable air.

While CO2 emissions can never really be completely nullified, we can wilfully minimise the damage. And one of the ways this can be made possible is by choosing to consume sustainable products over mass produced ones made using un-sustainable means or materials. 


We pride ourselves as a brand that cares - about the planet as a living breathing entity; about the kind of world that we are creating for our future generations. 

We are fearlessly honest in talking about issues that are largely ignored and bring credible information to your screens. 

We strive to understand our audience and stand for inclusivity.

We see ourselves as a brand that endeavours to change behaviours for the better - by creating a legacy of conscious consumption behaviours and patterns; by propagating the power of slow and sustained growth in all our initiatives; by exploring all the possible alternatives to create greener solutions and by exploring our expertise & experience in bamboo products or solutions to create positive impact.

We celebrate innovation and excellence by promoting quality craftsmanship and creating bamboo based disruptive solutions.