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Sofas are more than a piece of furniture; they have a significant place in our lives. Be it binge-watching a TV show, a late-night movie party, a game battle with friends or a potluck gettogether, sofas are an internal part of many memories that happen day to day in our lives. The main point of consideration when buying a sofa is its comfort. The exclusive hand-crafted bamboo two-seater with a low backrest and adequate cushioning sofa from Woody Grass is super cool, extremely spacious, comfortable and cosy. Whether reading a book, gossiping over the phone, taking a nap or having a party, our bamboo sofa will be your best companion. 

Our bamboo two-seater will fit well with various interior decor themes like traditional, modern or contemporary. The bamboo two-seater at Woody Grass is highly durable, reliable, and sturdy, which adds a style quotient to your decor. 

Things to consider when buying a sofa

  • Size - Size is the main consideration when buying a sofa. It needs to fit your space. And also accommodate all your family members. So plan and buy sofas as a combination, like a two-seater with a three-seater or a three-seater with two single-seaters. 
  • Shape - The shape and style of the sofa are the next important element as it completes the look of the living room. It would be best if you chose a soft that will fit well with your overall home decor theme.
  • Comfort - The living room and sofas are the most time one spends in a home, so it should be extremely comfortable to sit and relax for a longer time. 
  • Cushion - An adequate cushion should make the sofa sophisticated and comfortable. You can also add additional portable cushions to make it even more comfortable and look classy.
  • Strong, sturdy and durable - With the outlook, the material and making style of the sofa should be good. It must be strong and sturdy to accommodate people with comfort. Both the body of the sofa and the cushion should be durable.

Why should you buy a bamboo sofa from Woody Grass?

Woody Grass aims to build a future driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices. In a way to achieve our aim, we have collaborated with the best bamboo farms and experienced bamboo artisans and manufacturers across India to provide you with the best bamboo products. We make things easier for you to explore the latest collection of a bamboo sofas at the best price under a single platform. Explore the foldable bamboo sofa, buy the best one to compliment your home decor and experience our trustworthy customer service.


How comfortable are sofas?

Sofas are the highly comfortable piece of furniture we have in our living room. They can be used to rest, take naps, read, study, chat, watch TV and other daily life stuff. They are comfortable enough to allow us to do all these activities with the most cosiness and luxury. 

What are the dimensions of the sofa?

WOody Grass’s exclusive hand-crafted bamboo two-seater sofa's dimensions are 110cm(L)*70cm(W)*74cm(H).