Buy Furniture Stools Online in India

Stools are high-functionality furniture; they are extremely useful for multiple purposes. Be it to compliment an armchair as a footrest, provide a seat to guests or reach the high cabinets, bamboo stools serve all emergency and immediate purposes. They are strong, sturdy and comfortable to sit on. When a cushion is added to the seat, it becomes even more comfortable and looks sophisticated. 

Our collection of bamboo stools will fit well with various interior decor themes like traditional, modern or contemporary. Bamboo stools at Woody Grass are highly durable, reliable, and sturdy, which adds a style quotient to your decor. 

You can browse through our collection of foldable bamboo stools and choose the best style that complements your home decor. At Woody Grass, we believe in providing our customers with the best high-quality, sustainable alternatives at the best price so that you can find a bamboo product that fits your budget, styling and theme.

How Can Stools Enhance the Aesthetic of Your Home?

  • If you have an accent chair or high armchair, you can place the stools at the side of them. It will give a complete classy look and can be used as a side table, footrest or seat. 
  • You can place bamboo stools in front of the planters to give a more natural look to the garden. 
  • You can use it in your fireplace or bar setup. It adds classiness and elegance to the place.
  • You can also place/use them in bathrooms as bamboo is naturally water resistant, and it won’t get affected when used in water.

Why should you buy bamboo stools from Woody Grass?

Woody Grass aims to build a future driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices. In a way to achieve our aim, we have collaborated with the best bamboo farms and experienced bamboo artisans and manufacturers across India to provide you with the best bamboo products. We make things easier for you to explore the latest collection of bamboo stools at the best price under a single platform. Explore the foldable bamboo stool, buy the best one to compliment your home decor and experience our trustworthy customer service.


Is there any warranty on the stools?

How durable is bamboo stools can be?

Bamboo, in general, is a highly durable material. So stools made out of bamboo are also equally durable. In fact, bamboo naturally protects itself from fungi and bacteria. And also, it is naturally water resistant. All these characteristics of bamboo make furniture free of wear and tear and low maintenance.