5 best bamboo personal care products you should try

5 best bamboo personal care products you should try

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant which has various natural goodness in it. It is easy to grow, cultivate, and regrow without damaging nature. It is why it is called the best renewable plant, which is also versatile and has numerous uses. 

In the last decade usability of bamboo has grown extensively. Today, we have clothes, sanitary napkins, food, skin care products, oral care products, decors, flooring, furniture, etc., made from bamboo. 

Bamboo products are becoming the go-to sustainable products; especially personal care bamboo products are gaining much popularity because of bamboo’s innate healthy characteristics. 

While growing bamboo, the plants don’t require any pesticides or other chemical supplements to grow. It can entirely be cultivated naturally. And also, bamboo plants stay unaffected by fungi and bacteria and can withstand every climatic condition. It has an innate antifungal, antibacterial and water-resistance tendency. 

Even after being crafted into products, bamboo holds all these natural elements, making it the best sustainable option for personal care products. 

The following are the five best bamboo personal care products.

1) Bamboo Toothbrush and tongue cleaners -

Toothbrush and tongue cleaners made of bamboo are the best options for better oral care. Bamboo toothbrushes are made with ergonomic bamboo handles and soft charcoal bristles. They are very gentle on your teeth and gums and will altogether remove all the food debris and plaque from your teeth.  

Tongue cleaners are made with the best lean and flexible bamboo strips that are soft on your tongue. Both these products are water resistant and are naturally antifungal/bacterial. So they can be used for quite a long time. But it is advisable to change brushes and tongue cleaners after a specific time, like three months. 

When you scrape the used bamboo brush and tongue cleaners, they decompose rather than end up as debris in landfills or the ocean. 

2) Bamboo Classic Razor -

WoodyGrass’s classic bamboo razor provides a smooth and close shaving experience with premium bamboo handles. The ergonomic design of the bamboo handle ensures a pain-free experience for the users and is carefully designed to provide a perfect grip. 

The razor head is made with bacteria, and rust-resistant grade 5 stainless steel blades and the bamboo handle are built to last longer. Its water-resistant and antibacterial properties, along with its perfect design, make it the best alternative for plastic disposable razors. 

3) Bamboo Comb -

A bamboo comb is a sustainable hair care product that provides multiple benefits that a plastic comb lacks. Generally, plastic combs come with hard bristles that can slide through your scalp, and the nutrients don’t really reach the scalp. 

But bamboo combs have rounded, soft bristles which massage the scalp, help nutrients reach the scalp and stimulate natural oil in the scalp to give you shiny and healthy hair. It is easier to detangle the hair and helps in setting the hair frizz-free.  

4) Bamboo Buds -

Earbuds are the small and essential products we use in our day-to-day life. But we have never considered what impact it brings to the environment post disposal. The plastic buds we use end up in millions end up garbage landfills or flushed into oceans, affecting the environment and ocean biodiversity heavily. So, it is strongly advisable to switch to bamboo buds that are 100% biodegradable and made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo buds can be used to clean ear wax and alternatively to remove eye makeup. 

5) Bamboo sanitary pads -

On average, it is said that menstruating people use 8000-1000 pads/tampoons over their reproductive years. And at present, there are nearly 1.8 billion people across the world who menstruate. Now think of the tonnes of period waste that are generated annually that again end up in garbage landfills or flushed into the ocean. The impacts they pass on to nature and the environment is highly damaging. 

So, it is now the right time to shift to eco-friendly and sustainable period hygiene products. Bamboo sanitary napkins are super comfortable to use and a much healthier option than plastic-coated pads. In bamboo pads, the core is made of bamboo fibres and the top layers are made of organic cotton. It also comes with plant-based waterproof backing and leakage-proof wings, ensuring they are super absorbent and comfortable with proper protection. 

Summing up 

With most unconscious decades-old habits, we have created irreparable damage to nature and the environment. So it is high time to acknowledge the damages done and move towards a conscious, sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. The few basic and primary changes that we can easily incorporate are shifting towards bamboo-based personal care products. With the list of bamboo products we have listed above, you can take a step towards healthy living along with protecting the environment from further damage. 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other accessories, that are carefully curated to add sustainability and pleasantness to your space. 

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