5 must-have bamboo products

5 must-have bamboo products

A decade ago, wooden products were believed to be the best alternative for plastic. People started using wooden decor and daily use products to get into a sustainable lifestyle. 

However, traditional hardwoods are not the best replacement for plastic, as the demand for wood gave rise to deforestation. When these traditional woods were harvested, they negatively impacted the soil, and their production process had a massive carbon footprint. And that's when bamboo started getting due attention as the best alternative for sustainable initiatives. 

Single-use and microplastic wastes are being produced in tons every day, and 79% of them end up in landfills or dumped into the oceans without being sent to recycle. This waste is not biodegradable, and when left as such, it will continue to cause irreparable damage to our land, air and water. So now, more than ever,  it has become necessary to shift to eco-friendly alternatives. 

When you attempt to live a sustainable and eco-friendly life, you will responsibly make greener choices regarding your daily necessities and the things you bring home. It can be anything from carrying a cotton bag rather than getting a plastic bag, finding durable bamboo options, or choosing zero-waste daily necessities or options for home decor. 

Bamboo is long-lasting, economical, easy to refurbish or biodegradable at the end of its useful life. It is an antibacterial, low maintenance, easily renewing, versatile, premium and stylish material that can be used to make most of the home need products. 

5 must-have eco-friendly bamboo products for your home if you are moving towards sustainable living. 

1) Armchairs

Armchairs are very common furniture found in most households. While hardwood armchairs are heavy and high maintenance, replacing them with bamboo will be a better choice. Bamboo armchairs are strong and add pleasantness to the place. It is light in weight, so easy to move and maintain.

2) Toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes with charcoal or plant fiber bristles are the best products to choose while taking a step towards a sustainable lifestyle. As bamboo stems are carbonised, it is relatively waterproof, and their innate antifungal and antibacterial features make them the most hygienic and safe oral health product. 

3) Planter baskets

Most of us still use plastic planters to grow plants in our houses. Bamboo planter baskets help us reduce the use of plastic in our lives and also help in completely revamping the look of our indoor spaces, balconies or gardens. They add a natural accent while providing an elegant look to any room. Bamboo planter baskets can be used for both indoor and outdoor home gardening. 

4) Pendant lighting

Bamboo-based pendant lighting spreads a warm cozy light and create decorative shadows in the room. It lends a rustic yet classy vibe to any space. It is super stylish in looks and at the same time sustainable, durable, made out of hypoallergenic materials and fully functional. It is one of the definite must-have bamboo products in your living space. 

5) Table accessories and Organisers

An organised home has lots of functional spaces. To achieve that we may need accessories and organisers, which will set a pattern and help store things in proper places. Table accessories like coasters, tissue holders, pen stands, paperweights, sound amplifiers, mobile holders and spectacle holders are all available in bamboo material. 

Summing up

We can't get up one morning and move on to entirely change our lifestyle to an eco-friendly one. We must make responsible, sustainable choices every time we purchase and gradually move into a sustainable way of life. 

Bamboo is the most planet loving and eco-friendly material that has attained the attention of people who want a sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle. There are numerous bamboo products available today and they serve as the best replacement for plastic. Do check them out and begin your journey towards a conscious, sustainable way of life. 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other accessories that are carefully curated to add sustainability and beauty to your space. 

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