Bamboo products: A safe path for safe earth

Bamboo products: A safe path for safe earth

Globally, we produce 300 million tons of plastic annually, of which more than half are single-use items. We have become addicted to the excessive use of single-use plastic products, which causes severe pollution and environmental consequences, ultimately challenging our livelihood.

Though some of us are aware that these single-use plastics post-usage get scrapped and end up in landfills and oceans, we never understand and acknowledge that these single-use plastic products are produced from fossil fuel or "virgin" feedstock. So, on the whole, the production, use and disposal of conventional non-renewable fossil fuel-based plastics are highly threatening to nature and are forecasted to grow by 19% of the global carbon budget by 2040. Suppose all these have to be reversed and give nature and the environment a healing period; we need to say no to single-use plastic and start making a difference. In that case, we all need to consciously take a step towards a sustainable lifestyle and become more conscious and mindful of our buying and consumption habits. 

We need to understand that we need the earth more than the earth needs us. All plastic that is dumped in landfills and oceans eventually gets back into our bodies in the form of micro and nano plastics. World Economic Forum's article states that researchers have found that we consume thousands of plastic particles yearly, and another research  published in May 2022 found the presence of microplastics in human blood. So, If we want future generations to flourish, we must restore the earth’s resources.

It is not easy to decamp the years-old habit of using single-use products, so we need to start taking smaller mindful steps and look for comfortable ways to switch towards sustainability. 

Bamboo products are the best sustainable replacement for plastics and are known to be a much more comfortable and healthier option. 

This article will discuss how and why bamboo-based products save our world. 

Here are the five top reasons why bamboo is a safe path towards a better earth

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable alternative to plastic. In fact, it is stronger and more durable than plastics and 100% biodegradable. 

  1. Bamboo is the fastest-growing grass-based plant. It matures in 3-5 years and prepares for the harvest. So, commercial bamboo farming supports aforestation. 
  2. Bamboo is one of the highest carbon-sequestering plants on our planet. It can absorb five times more carbon than other trees, and at the same time, it produces thirty-five per cent more oxygen than other hardwoods. The average oxygen emitted by a bamboo plant is 320kg per year. Bamboo, under ideal conditions, one plant can sequester 450 kgs of carbon dioxide annually (over 80 tons per acre/year).
  3. Someday the products (made of any material) we use will attain the stage of scrapping. When we use bamboo products, which reach the scrapping stage, they can be scrapped or get entirely decomposed and do not leave any carbon footprint.
  4. Processed bamboo and its products can last longer. So the durability of bamboo products is good and will help follow a minimalistic lifestyle. 
  5. The roots of bamboo plants are dense, with an intercept of bamboo is 25%, and this helps in soil conservation and restricts water flow.

Three most essential sustainable bamboo products from the house of Woodygrass

1) Personal care products -

Personal care products like toothbrushes, tongue cleaners, ear swabs, combs & hair brushes, razors, etc., are mostly single-use and short-term usable plastic products. When scrapped, these products end up as non-degradable wastes in large quantities in landfills, polluting nature and damaging the environment on a large scale. So instead of plastic personal care products, we should prefer and shift to bamboo-based personal care products to stop damaging the environment.

2) Furniture -

Weather it is a home, office, or commercial space, pieces of furniture are inevitable. Furniture made of bamboo can add elegance and diversity to your space.. Bamboo is among the strongest of the many materials utilised in the furniture industry. It is stronger than plastic, and other hardwood, which is a benefit when buying furniture because it can last longer and also adds a rustic yet premium outlook to your interior.. Moreover, furniture made of bamboo has a special edge finish, offering a protective layer. The furniture is protected from breaking, scratching, and chipping by this layer, which makes bamboo the best material to use when buying furniture.

3) Hanging Planters -

When we think about Indoor gardening, most people irresistibly go for plastic pots, planters, and pot stands. Most of us are using plastic planters and grow bags for terrace and balcony plants. So to change this, we came up with a variety of garden planters, baskets and pot stands. Introducing to your our special bamboo hanging planters that are made from a single cut of the bamboo branch that will adore your home garden and enhance your personal style. Hollow-cut hanging bamboo planters with laser engraving details is just the touch an urban space needs. 

A step towards restoring the earth 

Let's start being the change that we want to witness in society. We all need and dream of a cleaner, safer, and green environment for our future generation to live peacefully, and to attain that, we need to take the necessary initiatives immediately. 

Abandoning the day-to-day single-use plastics from our life will be the most prominent step we can take towards a much safer nature and ecosystem. Undoubtedly bamboo products are the most eco-friendly and comfortable alternatives to the single-use plastics we use daily. 

Check WoodyGrass to buy necessary bamboo-based products, and together, let's make a difference and create a safe future for our earth!

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of products, including furniture, garden accessories, lamps and lights, home decor products, organisers and toiletries. We aim to build a future driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices.

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