Bamboo products: Move towards sustainable living

Bamboo products: Move towards sustainable living

Warning: "Humanity is barreling toward a 'ghastly future' of mass extinctions, health crises and constant climate-induced disruptions to society — one that can only be prevented if world leaders start taking environmental threats seriously." This highly alarming statement came as a warning from the scientists in a part of a paper published in the journal Frontiers in Conservation Science

But can the earth be restored? Or can we atleast stop further environmental depletion? Is it possible? 

Well, the first thing to do is to accept that we all individually and jointly have contributed to the decline in our planet’s health. But if we all act immediately and smartly, we can definitely mitigate and reduce the harrowing effects of our actions - pollution and climate change. Simply by changing our lifestyle to a more sustainable one, we can contribute towards a massive environmental change.

Undoubtedly, to save the earth from climate change and biodiversity loss, we all need to act individually and jointly. As communities, we must lead more socially responsible and eco-friendly lives. When people started understanding the threat plastics were causing, they started inclining towards wooden alternatives. But even that is not advisable, as the demand for hardwoods started causing deforestation, in turn harming our planet. 

Bamboo is the best sustainable option to overcome environmental issues and help heal our planet. Switching to a bamboo products-based sustainable lifestyle is the easiest eco-friendly decision all of us can take. 

What makes bamboo sustainable?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant that can work as a magical substitute for many of our plastic-based daily-use products. Bamboo plants thrive in tropical and high-temperature environments, which makes it one of the most easily available versatile natural materials. 

Here are a few reasons why bamboo is considered a sustainable and eco-friendly product - 

  • Bamboo is actually a grass-that grows to maturity in nearly 3- 5 years, depending on its species’ characteristics. It is the world's fastest-growing plant and doesn't require any precious resources (like water) in abundance. When the bamboo plant is mature, it is harvested by cutting from the stalk base, from which it will regrow. Bamboo tends to regrow by itself, so it doesn't need to be replanted after harvesting.
  •  Bamboo is the best alternative to plastics as it is 100% biodegradable and natural. 
  • It is also entirely compostable and does not leave any carbon footprint. Therefore it is purely non-toxic, and humans can use it in any form. In fact, some Asian nations use bamboo shoots in their food. 
  • Its versatility helps make many products out of it, from clothing, bedding and decor products to furniture, personal hygiene products, and even for building houses.
  • It is highly robust, and its miraculous strength stays unshaken even after bamboo is converted into a product. Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000lbs which is higher than that of steel.
  • It has incredible durability - processed bamboo can last anywhere between 80-100 years. Generally, bamboo products are low maintenance and don't require any special attention. There is a lower risk of wear and tear in bamboo products. 
  • Bamboo is one of the highest carbon sequestering plants on our planet. It can absorb five times more carbon than other trees, and at the same time, it produces thirty-five per cent more oxygen. An average oxygen emitted by a bamboo plant is 320kg per year. One hectare of bamboo plantation can absorb up to 200 tonnes of CO2 in a year.
  • Bamboo is highly pest resistant. It requires little to nil chemicals or pesticides to foster its growth or safeguard it from fungus and bacteria. Most bamboo products are naturally antifungal and antibacterial. 
  • Bamboo can be grown in almost every part of the world and is available in abundance. Even when harvested, it grows by itself  within five years, unlike other hardwoods, which need 20-50 years to re-grow. 

How to plan a sustainable life with bamboo products?

Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used to make any type of product. Bamboo as a raw or processed material is used in a wide range of products, including construction of road and buildings, making of medicine, food, furniture, utensils, decor items, clothing, personal hygiene products like sanitary pads and brush, and other household items.

While it is challenging for many of us to let go of our disposable consumption habits and switch overnight to a sustainable lifestyle, we need to gradually plan our transition into an eco-friendly or sustainable way of life and adopt products made out of natural materials such as bamboo. 

We have listed a few bamboo products you can effortlessly start adopting in your daily lives:

1) Bamboo oral care products -

Bamboo brushes and tongue cleaners are the two most hygienic and health-promoting bamboo products we need to adapt to immediately. The brush's handle is made of bamboo, and the bristles are made of plant-based fibers. You can add a bamboo holder to store oral hygiene products. Bamboo's carbonisation finishing procedure makes it water resistant, and its natural antibacterial properties limit microbial growth. 

2) Bamboo sanitary pads -

Bamboo pads are plant based right from the outer layer to the inner gel and the leak-proof layer. And this makes bamboo pads rash-free and allergy free. Bamboo pads are also biodegradable.

3) Bath and Grooming accessories -

Bathing accessories like towel hangers, soap and shampoo dispensers, bath shelves and towels made of bamboo are available in the market. Recently the use of bamboo in grooming accessories has increased. There are considerable varieties to explore, from a bamboo comb, hair brushes and hair clips to makeup organisers and razors. 

4) Organisers and shelves -

We need a lot of functional space in our home to make it more organised and look neat. Be it a vertical or horizontal storage or organiser plan, you can use bamboo to make it more functional and elegant. You can use bamboo baskets, boxes, bookshelves, table organisers and kitchen organisers.

5) Bamboo Straws -

Even a small step towards sustainability brings about a vast change in society. Plastic straws are one of the most used single-use plastic products, and a study estimated that 500 million straws are used daily. It contributes to significant soil pollution and poses a major threat to marine biodiversity. Bamboo straws are the best biodegradable substitute for plastic straws. Bamboo straws are reusable, so we can buy and carry them wherever we go and use them whenever needed. 

6) Home Decor -

It is fascinating to plan the interior of our living spaces. Be it a house or office space, we want to beautify it and give it a finished defining look. So if you are designing some fresh interiors, you can go with bamboo decor products like photo frames, wall decor, planters, lights, clocks, etc. to amp up your style quotient and give it a stunning new look.

Summing up 

The first and most crucial step towards sustainability is for us to become more conscious and mindful of our buying and consumption habits. Only if we take on the role of responsible citizens can we save our earth and environment from further destruction. Each of us can do their bit to leave behind a planet where future generations can enjoy the wonders of nature and live healthy lives. 

Moving away from a take-make-waste mindset and adopting a more greener and sustainable lifestyle is the massive need of the hour. If we understand and acknowledge the benefits of using bamboo-based products, we can never go back and choose other non-biodegradable items. There is a wide range of daily use products made from bamboo; which we can gradually start adopting one by one. 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other accessories, that are carefully curated to add sustainability and beauty to your space. 

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