Bamboo Products: Revolution in interior decor field

Bamboo Products: Revolution in interior decor field

Scientifically belonging to the grass family, bamboo is one of the sturdiest plants. It has great tensile strength and is as tough as hard softwood or timber. India has a long history with the cultivation of bamboo. It has been a part of Indian lives for years and has positioned itself as a significant resource to millions across the subcontinent. India currently has more than 14 million hectares of land dedicated to the growth of bamboo plants. It is an economical agricultural choice, and yields great returns. 

Bamboo requires a hot and humid climate to grow, and India is the ideal place fulfilling such requirements. It is also one of the fastest growing plants with a growth rate at around 1.2 feet per day. It is hence a preferred choice for cultivators.It is also called green gold in India. Indians have been using bamboo for centuries as building material, artifacts and furniture to name a few and building various best bamboo products for decor.

The Indian need for Interior Decor

Modernisation and industrialization in India in the last few centuries have caused the markets to be flooded with synthetically manufactured products. Such is also the case when it comes to the interior decorating sector. India is now a part of the globalized communities with booming industrial sectors and highly skilled professionals. The urban population per se have a driving desire of modernization and living up to date with the current times. Thus blooms the interior decor markets with individuals wanting a good standard of life with modernized homes and furnishings.

 Most of the furniture that is made in present times uses wood. The manufacturing of such units is time consuming and the resulting products are heavy duty and expensive. Other products like wall hangings, table accessories and decorative pieces to name a few, are made of synthetic materials as well which are manufactured at the cost of this planet. With negative climate impacts being significantly visible in this day and age, the average consumer is now becoming aware of the need for eco-friendly products and is ready to let go of synthetics.

Bamboo’s revolutionizing effects on Interior Decor

Consumers nowadays, unlike those of the past, are aware and well informed. With global information being just a click away, they make smart choices while buying products. Similar is the case when it comes to furnishing their homes. Bamboo is now a major part of modern furnishings including a wide range of bamboo products for interior decor. From bamboo chairs, tables to wall hangings and lamp shades, it is taking the interior decor space by storm. It is correctly known as green gold in India and is now revolutionizing the interior décor space with a storm. 

Environment conscious brands are cropping up all across the subcontinent producing high end furniture made out of bamboo. The bamboo chair and stool set is a piece of art at Woody Grass that adds an edge to a house. The rocking chair is also a grab with old time charm and vibes giving your house an earthen look. Bamboo knitting has been an ancient art and has been used to make baskets and stools for centuries. 

At Woody Grass we have combined the ancient charm and modern technology producing lamps with bamboo lamp shade. These are one of a kind and add sophistication without hurting nature. It is one of the best places to buy bamboo interior decor products.
There are numerous consumers these days that prefer eco-friendly furnishings more than wooden or synthetic ones. Bamboo is an economical plant and grows very fast. With the amount of deforestation in our country, the green cover is at a major risk. Bamboo products help us save trees and prevent the effects of deforestation.

Bamboo, contrary to the popular belief, is a sturdy material with strength like that of a hard softwood. It is very similar to timber. It makes a great raw material in manufacturing furniture.
Our products are made by heritage craftsmen who have preserved their art through generations. They belong to the rural population and as we know, almost a third of India lives in the rural areas. These artisans earn a livelihood through their artwork in this sector.

Shifting consumer behavior says it all

The current generation is all about minimalist styles. They prefer cleaner designs with more linear or subtle details. Bamboo furniture fits the description just right. They are simpler in designs, require less space and are lightweight. They live up to the modern design and are sustainable in the long run.
As mentioned, people are more planet conscious in current times and rightly so. Our choices of keeping up the living standards have ironically made the planet inhabitable. With current heat waves across nations signaling the extent of global warming, it's time to resort to safer and eco-friendly measures when it comes to furnishing homes. Woody Grass is here just to do that with its collection of furniture and interior décor. 

If you were wondering where to buy bamboo interior decor products from, your scout can now lay to rest.Woody Grass is a one stop shop for all your interior decor essentials made with bamboo.We are aware of the need to fulfill the urban demand for standards of living and at the same time we know how bad this planet needs a revolution. We are here to revolutionize the interior décor industry with our ancient art meets modern technology concept that is significantly visible through our products. 

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