Best bamboo products to buy for luxury resorts

Best bamboo products to buy for luxury resorts

The hospitality industry is turning towards bamboo, a flexible and sustainable material, as it is popular. Using bamboo products in resort interiors and decor makes them more visually appealing and provides numerous benefits. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials worldwide, primarily due to its rapid growth rate. Production of it demands only a few resources. In addition, bamboo requires no pesticides or herbicides to be cultivated.

Bamboo is an ideal sustainable building product that boasts a sturdy structure despite its low weight. Using bamboo in construction supports sustainable building practices due to its numerous environmental benefits. Improving their socio-economic standing can be a motivating factor for people to use it.

Using bamboo materials for your products and interior design can give your guests a relaxing and thrilling vacation experience. Their conscience will be guiltless. The most vital components that attract customers and convince returning visitors to choose again are the design, decoration, and atmosphere. They advise endorsing your hospitality service to others. At WoodyGrass, you can buy the best bamboo products for high-end resorts.

Why bamboo for the resort interior?

Bamboo is an excellent choice for resort interiors due to its sustainability and versatility. It is stronger than steel, with a tensile strength of 28,000 pounds per square inch. 

Although sturdy, bamboo is simple to transport and needs minimal farming maintenance. Bamboo is an easily available raw material in every corner of the world. Changing temperatures and moisture can't harm this product. 

Cleaning it with only a moist cloth is simple. You can easily maintain bamboo furniture like any other teak wood without feeling guilty about deforestation. Bamboo's unique aesthetic is highlighted by its soothing, wood-like colour, adding rustic elegance and a sense of nature love and peace to the resort. 

Relaxing is allowed for guests to feel welcomed and stay calm. Besides, bamboo's adaptability and low weight have made it an advantageous option for contemporary constructions. The high strength-to-weight ratio of bamboo means it could be an alternative choice to replace traditional concrete and steel.

Top three bamboo products for your resort from the house of Woodygrass

1) Chairs

Bamboo furniture is the most eco-friendly, durable, and smart financial choice for a resort as it gives the rooms a classy and luxurious look. Moreover, the durability and strength of bamboo furniture make it the most economical choice for commercial spaces.

Bamboo's versatility makes it ideal for making distinctive chairs and always stand out. Each piece of bamboo is unique from others. So, even if the furniture is made similarly using the same kind of bamboo materials, you will still notice certain differences designed to give definition and character to your furniture.

Our lean and slender bamboo armchairs and cushion chairs exhibit exceptional artistry and are highly comfortable.

2) Wall decors

Both the sustainability movement and a general desire of people to re-establish a connection to nature during vacations influence the hospitality industry to design their spaces with biophilic connectivity. And Bamboo material is the best-suited one to build a biophilic interior design that drives a connection with nature in the most sustainable way.

Interior decors are essential for resort rooms and cottages to blend luxury, nature, and hospitality together and provide visitors with an aesthetic and adventurous experience. And Wall decors play the most intricate part in highlighting the décor and beauty of the rooms.

Wall decors in WoodyGrass are the perfect blend of handpicked bamboo and skilled craftsmanship, mainly designed to add elegance and luxury to the places. We have functional bamboo wall decor products like keyholders and decorative wall hangings like bamboo masks and jaali leaf sets.

3) Complimentary bamboo travel kit

Hotels must improve their eco-efficiency in providing services and goods to their guests to minimise the ecological impact on the environment. Hotels that provide branded toiletries in each room for visitors' convenience and as souvenirs of their stay exacerbate the environmental issue. These pollutants—from Q-tips to shampoo bottles, plastic toothbrushes to laundry bags, plastic key cards to water bottles—will take hundreds of years to decompose organically. So it is a need of an hour for the hospitality industry to switch to eco-friendlier alternatives.  These changes include substituting non-biodegradable products with more eco-friendly ones like bamboo toiletry kits, bamboo-based cutlery, packaging and paper products.

Summing up

Choosing bamboo products for your resort interior is the best choice you have made to add luxury and beauty to your space that will attract customers and have a comfortable stay.

Its innate eco-friendliness and versatility add elegance, luxury and calmness to the space. From a native traditional to a contemporary theme, you can build your hotel interior with bamboo as the primary material.

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other carefully curated accessories to add sustainability and pleasantness to your space.

Do check through our website and get your resort bamboozled!

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