Things you should know about bamboo plants

Things you should know about bamboo plants

Bamboo! Immediately when we think of bamboo, we get reminded of a few things like Pandas eating the bamboo leaves or clusters of long woods in deep forests. 

These are the very few understandings and pictures we have about bamboo. But bamboo is an incredible plant with many amazing characteristics and goodness. 

Get ready to learn and understand a few astonishing facts about bamboo plants. 

1.Bamboo is a grass! Though the pictures and looks of bamboo give us the impression that bamboo is a tree, the truth is that bamboo is a plant that belongs to the grass variety.

2.Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world! A few tropical bamboo species can grow up to 4 feet in a day, and it achieves maturity within 4-5 years.

3.Bamboo is much stronger than steel! The tensile strength of bamboo is 28K per square inch, while steel's tensile strength is 23K per square inch. 

4.Bamboo support mother earth's healing process! Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than other plants and trees and absorbs more carbon dioxide than other trees. 

5. Bamboo is weather-resistant! Whether it is scorching sun, hardy winter, rainy woodland, dry forest or wavy seashore, bamboo tolerates all climatic conditions and doesn't get affected. 

6. Bamboo is a most determined plant! Asian bamboo variety plant is the only living thing that reportedly survived the Hiroshima nuclear bombing. Also, bamboo survives most natural calamities like floods, tornados and droughts.

7. Bamboo is super versatile! There are over 1400 bamboo species that come with different characteristics such as colours, height, growing patterns, and sizes. It is also versatile in its forms of usability. 

8. Bamboo is a super self-sufficient plant! Bamboo plants naturally have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and have the efficiency to take necessary natural minerals support from soil. So it does not need any pesticides or artificial supplements to grow. 

9. Bamboo is an active soil conservation tool! The canopy intercept of bamboo is 25%, and its dense stem flow acts as a soil conservation tool. 

10. Bamboo plants slow the water flow! Bamboo roots are immensely dense, and it acts as a water barrier. Many coastal villages use bamboo to protect their crops from being washed out of backwater or rising water tables. 

Summing up

Bamboo is a wonder plant! It grows almost in all countries across the globe. And in the last decade, many farmers have chosen and cultivated bamboo as an agroforestry crop. UN and many countries have opened government schemes and helplines to promote bamboo cultivation. There are numerous amazing facts about bamboo, and hope you learn a few today!

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