Top 3 bamboo accessories you must have.

Top 3 bamboo accessories you must have.

In the last few years, we humans, as a community, have grown more environmentally conscious and have shifted towards a more sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle. Yet our planet is dealing with plastic pollution even today. 

The usage of plastic and the careless consumption of natural resources has had a negative impact on the ecosystem. The increase in greenhouse gas emissions is making the environment hotter. The upshot is that the world climate has entered a severe crisis. If this keeps up, it's feasible that the negative impacts will be permanent, posing a serious threat to the survival of all species on Earth.

It is good that we as a society have acknowledged the mistakes and damage we have incurred to our planet and moved towards sustainability that will help nature to heal and support our wellbeing. 

We cannot change or pause how the world works on a single day to let nature heal and rebuild itself. Switching to bamboo products is one of the easiest and most conscious eco-friendly decisions you can make. We have listed the three most essential everyday usage bamboo accessories that you must have as a replacement for plastic products.

1) Bamboo oral hygiene products:

Oral hygiene products are our first go-to products everyday morning. Still now, most of us use plastic brushes and tongue cleaners. Alternatively, you can use a Bamboo toothbrush with charcoal-infused bristles and lean bamboo tongue cleaners. 

In fact, the charcoal-infused bristle in the brush ensures that the impurities in your teeth are effectively removed entirely and are more highly effective than plastic brushes with plastic bristles. It also helps in help in reducing bad breath and capturing bacteria and debris from your mouth. 

After using it for a certain period, when you want to scrap your brush and tongue cleaners, you can quickly scrap them or discard them with other biodegradable wastes. They will get decomposed and don’t leave any carbon footprints like other plastic brushes.  

2) Organisers

Organising our stuff and things is the best mantra to save time. Wouldn't it be good if everything had more space to remain inside the confines of a storage organiser? Your house will appear much less cluttered when it is properly ordered, with more air to breathe and more time to relax.

But it is hard to keep everything organised single-handedly; that is where bamboo organisers stand as rescuers. We have an exclusive variety of organisers for various needs like baskets, boxes, bookshelves, table organisers, study organisers and kitchen organisers. 

Using bamboo organisers, especially the baskets and boxes for storage on shelves, is an affordable way to perk up a plain closet. Organisers with labels keep different types of clothing, books and other kinds of stuff/accessories sorted and organised. It also works well for everyone, from kids to adults, as it is easy to access the organiser's contents and help them remember where items should go.

3) Stools

Stools are irreplaceable pieces of furniture in Indian households and are highly functional. They can be used for additional seating needs and as complementing furniture in the room to enhance the room decor. Bamboo stools can also be used in bathrooms. They are naturally water-resistant and suitable to use while having a shower. 

Stools also have a special place in workplaces and other commercial spaces. Our cushioned stool collection as a seating option in commercial spaces promotes casual gathering and sharing. Similarly, it can help improve collaboration, comfort and cooperation with a cool vibe in workspaces.

Woody Grass has a wide variety of bamboo stools, including cushioned, tall, pop-up, bar, and foldable ones. Check them out here!

Wrapping up

Bamboo products has become an integral part of home decor themes and ideas as they are the best eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. We need to become more conscious of what we need, buy and consume, and move towards a sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle to help our nature to heal. 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other accessories that are carefully curated to add sustainability and beauty to your space.

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