Top 5 Bamboo Product Manufacturers in India

Top 5 Bamboo Product Manufacturers in India

India is the second-largest producer of bamboo in the world. It is also one of the main agro-forestry crops that the government promotes to the farmers as it is high yielding and brings in the best returns. India also trains artisans to produce many value-added bamboo products and provides subsidies for small-scale bamboo product manufacturing. 

Bamboo is used to make a wide range of indoor and outdoor products. It is also used as a building material to build houses in rural places. 

From home-scale businesses to large manufacturers, there are many bamboo product producers in India. This article will show the top five bamboo producers in India. 

1) Kerala State Bamboo Corporation

Kerala government's state bamboo corporation is India's biggest bamboo product manufacturer. It was founded in 1971 and is still under the full ownership of the Kerala government. Its primary goal is to train artisans, produce bamboo-based products and promote them. They also produce and trade bamboo and bamboo products to other countries. 

2) Epitome bamboowood products (Mutha Industries) 

Epitome bamboowood products is one of the earliest bamboo product manufacturers in India. They have a significant role in introducing eco-friendly decor products in the Indian decor market. Its bamboo flooring, decking and cladding, doors, door frames, and stunning custom-made furniture made people think towards sustainable options. 

3) Beco 

Beco is one of the largest manufacturers of disposable bamboo products like facial tissues, toothbrushes, reusable kitchen towels, toilet rolls, and organic baking paper. Their main aim is to produce bamboo goods that can eradicate single-use plastics and non-reusable paper waste. 

4) The Bamboo Bae -

The bamboo bae's vision is to offer a wide variety of superior quality sustainable everyday essential products. Their product range covers home essentials, bathroom essentials, personal hygiene products and spa collections. Their top products include towels, soap bars, toothbrushes, earbuds, and pens made from bamboo.

5) Codesustain -

Codesustain acts as the bridge between bamboo artisans and consumers. They aim to build an ecosystem that can help artisans and customers satisfy their end needs. It works together with artisans, small-scale manufacturers, and NGOs. 

It is one of India's most socially responsible bamboo manufacturers, which shares 10% of its profits to uplift underprivileged communities. All their products are sustainable and ethically sourced, produced by the artisans. Their collection includes handbags, table placements, shopping bags, serving trays, platters, etc.

Adding to the league - Introducing Woody Grass 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of products, including furniture, garden accessories, lamps and lightings, home decor products, organisers and toiletries. We postulate to build a future driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices.  

Woody Grass is built by a bunch of planet-loving, environmentally-conscious individuals with the ultimate dream of building a future that is driven by alternative solutions and sustainable choices.

We handpick the best bamboo from the Indian market and work with local bamboo artisans to create outstanding bamboo products. Do check out our website!

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