Why are bamboo products good for home decor?

Why are bamboo products good for home decor?

Sustainable and eco-friendly home decor is growing in demand these years. We all understand that it is essential to be environmentally conscious while building and designing a home and its interiors. Bamboo is a popular plant that will help you achieve your sustainable interior design goals with its aesthetically pleasing features, calm neutral colour and stylish look.

Along with being environmentally friendly and sustainable, bamboo is also an incredible renewable resource. Along with being the strongest plant, bamboo is also fast-growing. It takes only a very few years to achieve its full height. Moreover, it is adaptable to various weather conditions and varying temperatures. Climate shifts rarely impact its growth. 

Nowadays, bamboo is preferred over other wood products as they have a lower carbon footprint than others. This fastest growing, strong plant can be turned into numerous value-added products, such as decor, furniture, planters, organisers, bath accessories, eco-toiletries, flooring and building materials. 

This article will walk you through some celebrated reasons why you should go with bamboo for your home decor. We also have a few super cool bamboo decor recommendations for your sustainable home!

What is Bamboo?

There are over 1500 bamboo species with heights ranging up to 30 meters; they are often mistaken for trees. They are, in fact, the world’s most robust grass and are even stronger than certain types of wood. The fastest producer of biomass in the world, bamboo can be used to make anything from paper or clothing to building materials like flooring, bench tops, fences, and screens. It can even be used as a food source in the form of edible shoots in curry or stir fry.

As mentioned earlier, bamboo is an incredible renewable source, and it can be harvested from the earth without using any other precious resources like other trees. Also, as bamboo fibers are naturally sustainable, they do not release chemicals into the home environment when used as decors. Many designers choose bamboo for home decor because of its strength, durability and subtle colour.

Benefits of using bamboo home decor

Bamboo products promote sustainability -

Bamboo is a naturally sustainable material, and when used for home decor, it enables an environment-friendly, healthier and greener way of life. Along with that, as a plant, it has lower carbon emissions which means it will contribute less to the pollution and the depletion of natural resources.

Designing and styling -

The smooth surface of bamboo and its pleasant colour make it the most suitable wood for home decor products. It does not require paint or varnishing to complete its design. The wear and tear of bamboo are also very low when compared to other woods. It is a highly versatile plant. It can be converted into many valuable products. 

Bamboo is biodegradable -

Unlike plastics or metals, when bamboo decors are sent as scrap or thrown away, they decompose and don’t harm the environment.

Bamboo is highly robust -

Bamboo, by itself, is a strong and resistant plant. It is highly resistant to atmospheric and climatic changes like rain, temperature and humidity. Though it is extremely strong, it is also light in weight and is easily transportable. 

Bamboo helps refurbish old decor materials -

Bamboo can be used as a material to refurbish old furniture and flooring. It can be combined with other old woods and other materials to create new furniture. That is why it is highly sustainable and economical also. Even the used bamboo can be refurbished and made into other products easily and can be used for a long time. 

Bamboo products promote hygiene and safety -

Bamboo and its fibers are naturally antibacterial and require minimal chemical treatment or polishing before being made into decor products. As it is highly organic and sustainable, it will help promote better indoor air quality and maintain the humidity in the houses. 

Bamboo needs little maintenance -

Bamboo doesn’t require any specialised care for its maintenance. It has low wear and tear properties, making the bamboo products long-standing. 

Bamboo plants grow rapidly -

Bamboo plants can grow very fast. It takes only 3-5 years to reach full maturity. And this renewing property of bamboo makes it the best sustainable alternative for home decor. 

Wrapping up

Designing the interior of your home might be the most interesting and creative process. If your decor theme or style concentrates on sustainability and environmental friendliness, then bamboo is the best choice. Along with it, bamboo products look excellent and are durable. In fact, choosing bamboo decor for your home is one step toward making the environment secure for our future generations. 

Woody Grass is a bamboo-centric platform that celebrates sustainability and green living with a wide range of contemporary furniture, home decor products, and other accessories that are carefully curated to add sustainability and pleasantness to your space. 

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